March 4, 2011

I did it. I am now an official Brigham Young University Cougar!

This is basically what I did when I found out

I cannot wait to finish High School. It blows.

July 18, 2010

Youth Conference

Since my mom and possibly my sisters would like to hear about Youth Conference I'll just do a blog post for everyone.
So Thursday morning we left the stake center around 630 and were on the bus for around 11 hours including our lunch break. I don't think the leaders thought it out very much because there were around 180 people trying to buy lunch in a food court with 3 resturants. I sat next to the same 8 people. At first I sat by Leslie but we switched and I sat by Jenn for the majority of both bus rides. It kinda looked like this

Bo Bleyl Chase Bleyl Jennifer Anderson ME
Leslie Anderson Rachel Wilcox Mitchell Aldrige Jeremy Moore

On the way back I switched with Leslie because Mitchell would put his legs on Chases chair across the aisle and I put my legs over Rachel and put them on mitchells knee/legs and rachel layed on my stomach and I leaned on the window. It sounds confusing but it was probably the most comfortable I was the whole bus ride. I also sat next to Mitchell for awhile because Mitchell and Jeremy's seat had the most leg room and since Mitch is 6'6'' he automatically got it the whole time but I finally convinced Jeremy to switch and it felt so good to stretch my legs. I spent most of Youth Conference on the bus so we had a lot of fun messing around and eating lots of food.

On Friday we went to see all of the sites. Our first stop was at the Hill Cumorah. I never realized how massive the hill is. Mitchell and David were messing with each other all week so everyone called them David and Goliath.

Then we went to the Grandin Printing Press and saw where the first 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon were published. It was really interesting. Did you know that Mr. Grandin wasn't a member and that only Bibles and Encylopedias were supposed to be bound in leather but Joseph Smith had the BOM bound in Leather because it was just as important. Sweet stuff.

After lunch we went to the Smith Farm and the Sacred Grove. The bus drivers ended up touring that with us and constantly asked questions. After they came out of the sacred grove they asked for a Book of Mormon was really awesome. The Sacred Grove was incredible. The Smith's house was so small. I felt bad for Mitchell and Chase because they hit their heads really bad walking around inside. After everyone was done walking around in the Sacred Grove we went to the Hill Cumorah pagent but had to wait like three hours so we played games and rachel took pictures of chase for almost 30 minutes.

On Saturday we woke up early and went to the Peter Witmore Farm in Fayette where we had a testimony meeting and Elder Cook from the 70 spoke to us. After we toured the farm where we had to go into another log cabin. My favorite quote was when mitchell saw the stairs and was like "Oh good these stairs are so much big." DUMB. Then we ate lunch and departed for Richmond. It was pretty fun we watched Madagascar 1 and 2, Princess Bride, Up, Princess and the Frog, and Narnia.

May 13, 2010

The Reproduction Unit

I'm taking Anatomy this year. Every time we do dissections I question my decision making skills. The formaldehyde burns your eyeballs and I have had so many "fluids" land on my face....
Today was a whole other experience. We are in the Reproduction Unit currently, so you can only imagine what we got to dissect this afternoon. That's right, Testicles and Pregnant Pig Uteruses.... barf. Isn't he a cute little piggy??

This is so messed up.

April 22, 2010


My life is in full speed right now. I have about 5 projects due in the next few weeks that all seem to require me to read long books. I have AP tests to study for. I'm applying for stuco and jobs. I'm researching colleges. I just finished the ACT and the school play. I have community events just about twice a week for NHS. I'm replacing my phone soon. I have finals. I have PROM. I have My mother will be gone most of next week. And I have to move out of my room so that it can be recarpeted.

I guess you could say I'm a little stressed out at the moment. But it's okay because I have my favorite thing in the world. Glee.

Quote of the day: "You'll be adding revenge to the long list of things you're no good at, right next to being married, running a HS glee club and finding a hairstyle that doesn't make you look like a lesbian."

April 17, 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

I did tech for the spring musical "Bye Bye Birdie"
I watched it more than i needed to.
Thank goodness its over.

March 18, 2010

When a Stranger Calls

I had the following conversation yesterday morning:

Dad: Did David tell you what he did last night?
Me: no.....
Dad: He called me last night... From the house phone... To my cell phone... At 11:30... After I was asleep... To say goodnight...
It was like that movie When a Stranger Calls.
I think I had a full body shiver when I read the caller ID.
All I was thinking was It's coming from inside the house!

I laughed so hard I cried.

January 5, 2010

Is this what I'm going to be like?

Let me show you how insane my parents are.

Today my mother sat in the middle of the floor swaying back and forth SINGING her favorite song, "I'm still a guy" by Brad Paisley as loud as she could to me and my sister. However, the actual song was not audibal to us because she had her earphones in. So what im hearing is my mothers not so good singing voice yelling most of the words. The best part? She couldn't remember most of the words, so phrases like these appeared frequently through out the ensemble :

- see your smile cry (?)


hmmmmmm fire in a cave!


when all the yummm hmm chunk.........I'm still a guy!!

Somehow most of my father's witty comments are directed towards me.

For example:

Last week my dad insisted on listening to some weird, outdated chirstmas music for hours.

I pleaded with him to change it and so he stopped the music and said, " Why do you oppose quality katie? Why must your life be filled with crap?"

The scariest part= I already act like both of them.